Personal Branding 2021

Saurav Gurain a digital product designer based in Ottawa.


Saurav Gurain


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity


Creating one’s own identity, the picture that will represent you as a professional in front of others, is a challenging challenge for a designer. Often, the issue is centred on the vast number of concepts competing for prominence within the design, while other times, the problem is focused on the difficult work of finding one that will finish defining.

In my instance, I chose a basic image with a degree of abstraction to express versatility while still displaying my own individuality as a graphic designer. I’ve always been drawn to work that involves a significant amount of intellectual thinking, so that’s the route I chose


This was an opportunity for me to refresh my own brand, which I started in 2019. This was my first logo, and I still love it, which is why I developed this updated version, which is more practical and adaptable to a broader range of forms.

My goal is to project the greatest possible picture of myself as a professional designer, however that wasn't achievable with my previous branding. I'm quite pleased with the outcome, and I'm confident that the essence is still present.

The colours I chose are a reflection of my own vision, of how I feel about each of the activities I perform as a visual communicator, with the main tone having the most connection with me in terms of my personal interests.

On the other hand, the typography and variants of it will convey speed, dynamism, and modernism, which are qualities I want my clients to associate with me when contemplating my work.

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